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Our RAW Vietnamese Wavy hair has a delicate, silky texture and works well with any natural hair. It includes high quality human hair in a wide range of lengths, colors, textures and quality grades. Hair can be straightened, curled, or styled into any desired pattern.


Price is per "ONE" bundle!

RAW Vietnamese Wavy Single Bundles

  • Our RAW Vietnamese Wavy Hair has a soft, natural, wavy look that requires a simple routine maintenance to sustain a resilient silky look for all desired looks and styles. To treat your hair extensions with additional care, please utilize the following tips. Brush your wavy hair atleast twice a day starting from the tip of the hair and moving towards the roots to prevent tangling. ( Paddle brush recommended) Heat styling tools can be used to straighten or curl hair. ( Use moderately or as needed and not excessively to prevent negative effects.) When sleeping with hair, be sure to tie down using a silk or satin cap to cover hair. (Never wrap hair with cotton material.) You can wash hair weekly or bi-weekly with a mild shampoo. Brush out hair so it is without tangle before it gets wet. Rinse hair thoroughly. You can also use a deep conditioner to keep the elasticity of the hair silky, smooth, and wavy giving you the perfect look when wearing our RAW Vietnamese Wavy Hair.

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