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Our RAW Burmese Curly hair is naturally soft and bouncy and offers a beatiful curl pattern that can also be worn straight. Each curl will return back to its orginal state when wet.


Price is per "ONE" bundle!

RAW Burmese Curly Single Bundles PREORDER

  • Our RAW Burmese Curly Hair has a soft and bouncy hair texture that loops back on itself and springs back into place when you pull on it. Some frizz may occur so moisture is essential. Here are a few tips to help you maintain Brazillian Deep Wave Hair. Do not wash curly hair every day. (Co-wash w/ Conditioner Preferred). Do not brush while wet. ( Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to preserve shape of curls.) Choose shampoo wisely. Use a deep hair conditioner. Use as little heat as possible to preserve the natural curl pattern. This will help to maintain the elasticity of the hair as well as making sure your hair is as smooth and tangle free as possible giving you the perfect look when wearing our RAW Burmese Curly Hair.

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